Rob MacFarlane,PEng, MBA


Rob has more than 30 years of leadership and sales management experience in the Canadian leasing industry. Prior to founding NorFund Capital, Rob ran the Canadian leasing division of PNC. bank. He also started and managed the Technology leasing division at Newcourt Capital.

As a result, Rob has the knowledge and expertise to design and manage Canadian vendor finance programs and has extensive experience rolling out US vendor programs in Canada. As well, he is a pioneer of structuring financing for solar and Energy Saving Agreements (ESA’s) in Canada.

Grant MacFarlane,Honours Economics

Account Executive

Prior to joining NorFund Capital, Grant worked as an underwriter in the Insurance sector. As an Account Executive at NorFund, he is involved in helping US finance companies roll out their US vendor programs in Canada. As well, Grant helps structure financing for solar projects in Canada, the US and the Caribbean.